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The Casona de Santiváñez, is a beautiful enclosure, its construction dates back to the XV-XVI (1700-1845), whose harmonious building originally was colonial style and later republican style; Is one of the most important references that the city of Cochabamba has as an expression of its cultural identity mestiza and valluna.

Its first owner was Don Juan Antonio Santiváñez de Gazma y Barrao, after the death of his heirs, this house became property of the Catholic University, and later, through management carried out by the Honorable Municipality of Cochabamba, the property becomes property of the commune , With the aim of implementing a museum with the furniture and objects of the Santiváñez family, in this way to constitute an Artistic-Cultural Exhibition Center. The building was restored between 1997 and 1999 and was consolidated as one of the most important architectural examples of the colonial period due to its structure, which features a stately composition with three courtyards in which two-storey buildings with galleries are preserved. Cultural heritage that maintains and consolidates the city of yesteryear.

Its structure has a stately composition with three courtyards with eaves and galleries. On the 1st Floor 1st floor is the Lifestyle Museum, family dining room, sewing room. In the 2nd patio the kitchen and the cellar, in the 3rd patio the servants’ quarters and a corral or stables.


Colonial architecture.


Walking two blocks from the square September 14.


Location  :  City of Cochabamba.

Height     :   2,400 at 2,950 masl

Distances:   2 blocks from the square September 14 (2 minutes).

Average visit time:  30 minutes.

Address   :   C. Santivañez between C. Junín and Av. Ayacucho.