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Torotoro National Park is a small national park and ancient town in Bolivia founded about 250 years ago by the Quechuas and the Spanish.

Tunari is a mountain in the Tunari mountain range of the Bolivian Andes, about 5,023 m high. It is situated in the Cochabamba Department…

The Mariscal Santa Cruz Park– The water park was inaugurated in the year of 1999, standing as the largest park in the city of Cochabamba. Recreation meeting place for children and the general public

The National Park Amboró is one of the regions with bigger biodiversity of the planet and, with it, a wonderful tourist destination near the city of Santa Cruz.

Tunari National Park is a national park located in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia.

Laguna La Angostura is a lake in the Cochabamba Department, Bolivia. At an elevation of 2700 m, its surface area is 10.5 km²