Martín Cárdenas Museum

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The house of Don Martín Cárdenas consists of two floors, was transformed into a small museum time after his death. In the interior are currently his assets, instruments, research work and furniture that belonged in life to Dr. Cardenas, recreating daily life and working conditions.

On the first floor there is a library with more than one thousand fifty-five books, representing 60{e2d9c99fc793547dcd270ba1a907510e1094428254257023d7db517e4852a8eb} of the bibliographical background, in which the botanical theme is highlighted, as well as nine small showcases containing twenty-nine insect families.

On the walls, from the ground floor, some of the diplomas of Dr. Cárdenas are presented, granted by departmental, national and international institutions.

Entering the room, there are showcases where some black and white photographs are displayed that reflect their youth, cameras their personal documents and albums with photos of memories of their different trips by the country and abroad.

In the central part of the room is your desk. On it a scale to weigh small objects, and to the right side, is the typewriter.

In the cabinet embedded in the wall, there is an orange thermometer manufactured in London and a gyro meter made in Germany.

In front of the room is the room where the scientist slept and where his mother’s painting is preserved. Next to his bed is a piece of furniture where he kept his belongings, next to a radio of the time. In the closet are utensils, suits, etc.

In the dining room we find the original furniture, glasses of champagne, glassware. There is also an old refrigerator next to the door leading to the kitchen. The pots and dishes of scientist remain in the place, just as he had them when he lived in it.

Bolivia is proud to have the privilege of having a naturalist of high scientific status, a tireless researcher who worked without greater support than personal satisfaction.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday.

Mornings: 09:00 to 12:00 Afternoons: 14:30 to 18:30

Address: Av. Heroínas 226 between Junín and Hamiraya

Phone: (591) 4-258030 int: 4495

Cochabamba – Bolivia