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Heritages and Museums

The International Museum and Scientific Martín Cárdenas Hermosa is a heritage dedicated to the outstanding scientist and botanist from Cochabamba, which among several internationally recognized studies and research includes the varied Bolivian flora.

The Casona de Santiváñez, is a beautiful enclosure, its construction dates back to the XV-XVI (1700-1845), whose harmonious building originally was colonial style and later republican style; Is one of the most important references that the city of Cochabamba has.

The Archeological Museum displays approximately 40,000 archaeological, ethnographic and paleontological pieces mostly from the Department of Cochabamba and some from Bolivia’s other regions.

The Convento-Museo Santa Teresa was included on the 2010 World Monuments Watch in order to support the effort of the religious community to ensure the sustainability of the institution and the edifice…

The Alcide d’Orbigny Natural History Museum in Cochabamba is like an encyclopaedia of the natural sciences, where you can observe the main minerals and fossils that contain our rocks, the evolution of living beings and the changes they went through As the geological time passes.